Kamata Modan Suikyo (Cut glasses)

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This product is cut glass made with the 170-year history of the Edo Kiriko Cut Glass method. Although most Kiriko glass features straight lines, this item is unique for its use of curved lines. This masterpiece was born in the Kamata area of the city of Ota in Tokyo, a location where many older factories still remain, and a place that is trying to reinvent itself as a manufacturing town as its craftsmen take on new challenges. Enjoy Kiriko glasses that have even been of fered as gifts to dignitaries overseas. [Producer’s Remarks]The traditional Edo Kiriko Cut Glass only had straight lines, but the curved surface processing techniques cultivated by the predecessor Toa Glass Kogei Co., Ltd. were incorporated into Kiriko glass for the modern beauty of Kamata Kiriko. The technique for adding amber under the glass is now only known by a few craftsmen. (Kengo Shibata)
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