Morning Cup (Pottery cup)

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Shussaigama, a ceramics company of 68 years established in Izumo, Shimane prefecture, where it is said that all the gods of the nation unite once every year. Based on the teachings of pottery artisans Muneyoshi Yanagi and Bernard Howell Leach, the company continues to create modern ceramics with special attention to the use of locally sourced materials. The Morning Cup is somewhat larger than a typical coffee mug, and is easy to hold as its wet handle design allows the holder to use a finger to add stability. [Producer’s Remarks]Designed based on the teachings of those who have had an enormous impact on the crafts of Japan, this beautiful tableware is comfortable and easy to use. Visitors are welcome to take a tour of the kiln, which is surrounded by abundant nature, and using a Shussaigama-made cup they can enjoy coffee in a traditional Japanese home-like atmosphere to get a feel for the maker’s story. (Yu Yamada)
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