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Traditionally, the choice of notes was focused on the design of the cover and the size of the notes themselves.

The Recto series of the Kobeha proposes choices of grid sizes according to occupation and lifestyle.

We carefully chose a well-balanced one from the point of compatibility with pencils and ballpoint pens from among a number of fine quality papers.

Also, generally ruled lines shed water-based ink because the ink to be printed is oily.

Therefore, the grid lines of the Kobeha are printed with fine dots. It is a device to minimize ink flips.


People who want to write large letters, people who want to draw figures precisely.

You can explore how to use your own grid more than ever.

Material: paper Manufacturer: Daiwa Shuppan; department: Hyogo

SERIES: No1:1x1mm, No2:2x2mm, No3:3x3mm, No4:4x4mm, No5:5x5mm, No6:6x6mm, No7:7x7mm, No8: 8x8mm

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