Japanese traditional towel “isenomon tenugui" Kagomeumimori

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Ise's brand "Ise Tokowayaka", we are manufacturing daily goods via crafts and specialty of Ise Shima prefix of Ise Shrine, which has a long history as the Japanese total goddess, with regards. We are developing "simple and long-to-use good things" that adds a new essence to the good old things on the theme of "tradition and innovation".The spinning technique of Ise which continues from the time of the Kamiyo period has been inherited all the time along with the formation of Ise Shrine. Ise cotton "which is crafted in carefully by twisting the finest quality cotton in one piece, cautiously woven" Ise cotton "Japan's unique craft dyeing technique using" Ise Paper "boasting the history of a thousand years in the traditional crafts of Japan Respected Japanese towels at dye dye dyeing. The designs are dyed with a traditional pattern of Ise paper, from patterns created in Taisho, Meiji and early Showa to new patterns made in Heisei. To the best of your daily life is a superbly towel that combines the commitment and functional beauty of traditional craftsmen.  


Because the end is uncut, it starts to fray at the beginning, but it will settle down naturally with scissors. When washing, please wash separately as it may change color to other things.


180mm x 235mm x 7mm


100% cotton


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