Tea caddy plain shiny for green tea with flowers Sencha-kun

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Yatsuyanagi 's step starts from the Taisho era when the third generation of Keiji sticks sakuraki on clogs. From there, old products such as cigarettes, tea chestnuts, confectioneries, trays and the like are now available for women's accessories such as accessories, cell phone straps, iPhone cases, etc. Together with various tastes and lifestyle changes of people's lives We continue to propose tools everyday. Sakura leather's tea ceremony (Chakutsu) is suitable for preserving Japanese tea (Sencha • Tea • Hojicha tea) and tea because it has good sealing performance and has the property of blocking moisture. Also, in recent years many coffee storage has been tried. It is a gentle design tea column treated with a pattern of cherry blossoms.


Please do not put it in place where moisture is extremely high or low place for a long time. Avoid direct sunlight. If it gets dirty, please avoid washing with water and wipe with a soft cloth.


73mm x 73mm x 110mm


Cherry tree Glue Phytolum


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