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1976 alart left the name by the predecessor. There is "manufacturing things that things say" as the basis of their own brands. To keep constant unchanged from now on to continue making things that are conveyed to those who have taken it. We will finish one piece of material into one piece of material. The process has been created through the hands of many people. A new facial expression born of the inorganic beauty of metal, coupled with organic materials. We will explore the extent of aluminum's possibilities by adding new techniques to dye, carve in, scrape out. We will continue to make products to connect. Play with the feeling of loving flowers. Ring freely change the shape and secure the flowers firmly. It has beautiful color variations, as it is function. As an object to complement the color of flowers, it also works for arranging.


If the surface gets moist or dirty, wipe it clean. Projections on the outside of the product have been processed, but please be careful when handling. Please do not use metal scratches, polishing powder etc. because it scratches the surface of the product.


70mm x 110mm x 70mm



  • Green
  • Red
  • Brown

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